Warp is working on a holistic rethink of how the command line ought to work, building a new Rust-based terminal that keeps what’s best about the CLI while modernizing and upgrading the experience. It’s fully native (Rust-based) and GPU-accelerated. Warp is modernizing the command line experience to make it more intuitive and collaborative for modern developers and teams, turning the terminal into a real platform to enable engineering workflows. Their mission is to elevate developer productivity, and the team is excited to have this opportunity to radically improve a tool that every developer uses and fundamentally change how software development and DevOps are done. Warp is a company run by product-first builders, building a core product for all developers. They are committed to understanding the users deeply.

Employee benefits at Warp

💰 Competitive Salary & Meaningful Equity

🏥 Full Medical, Dental, and Vision Benefits

🏠 Remote Work Flexibility

🌴 20 Days of Paid Time Off

🎉 12 US Holidays

🤰 16 Weeks of Paid Parental Leave

🏋️ Monthly Gym Stipend

💼 401(k)

💊 Pre-Tax FSA Health Savings Plan

🩺 Complimentary OneMedical Membership

Remote Jobs at Warp

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Software Engineer

$145k-$260k per year
software engineering
user experience
Jun 03, 2024 Active ✅