Frequently asked questions

Job seeker's section

What is Working Nomads?

Working nomads is a remote job board with a curated list of reliable remote positions from around the world. You can find new updated job postings every day in many different areas such development, management, marketing, design, sales and so on.

Who are working nomads?

Working nomad, digital nomad, remote worker are all different labels for the same person, who needs only a computer, Wi-Fi and a cloud for his work (not the white ones in the sky). It is not only a new way of employment it is a modern lifestyle full of freedom and possibilities, where you choose your own working destination on your own terms.

What does it mean to work remotely and does it mean 100 % remote job?

You can choose from temporary projects or regular employment. A remote career is a very flexible kind of work and most of our listed job postings are fully remote with availability to work from anywhere in the world.

You can also find job postings that are partly remote or contemporary remote. These jobs require a bit of time on-site for training, team-building etc. or a specific time zone. This mean you might meet with your team from time to time or in the beginning of your contract for training. Some companies may also require you to be in a certain country or time zone.

Can I trust work from home offers? Are they credible?

At you will find only reliable job posts. We collaborate with well-known companies and choose only the highest quality job offers. 

To find your dream job, apply today and feel the freedom.

Recruiter's section 

What are the advantages of hiring digital nomads?

Find talented employees or freelancers worldwide.

Hiring remote workers gives you access to the best experts worldwide. Today's trend of remote contracts is very attractive for many talented people, solving the lack of talent in one area with independent talents from around the world.

Happy and motivated employee

Digital nomads do not feel burned-out by everyday commuting they are open-minded, and happier with their jobs. A survey shows that 85 % of responders are more satisfied with their remote job than with their previous onsite job. 

Budget savings

You can reach experts with experiences and safe your business budget. You do not have to pay office rental, maintenance costs etc. for your remote employee. That is big advantage for start ups and small companies.

How much does it cost to list a job on Working Nomads?

One job posting costs $199, check out our Post a Job page for bulk discounts and more information.

What is it requested to write in remote job offer?

It is essential to describe the type of job it is, the job requirements, and if the position is fully or just partially remote. Other information is up to you, but keep in mind that the more attractive offers bring more qualified applicants.

Is it possible to edit my job posting when it´s already online?

You can easily edit job posts at any time in your account settings and they can also be relisted free of charge. Simply post your remote job offer, edit it at any time and get qualified applicants.