Keywords Studios

Keywords Studios provides creative services to the global video games industry and beyond through their end-to-end platform, supercharged by their own technology. Its goal is to help you imagine more for your IP, bringing to life digital content that entertains, connects, and educates people worldwide.​ ​ Established in 1998, they are a team of over 13,000 based across more than 70 studios in 25+ countries. They provide game-ready art, marketing services, game development, functional and localization testing, text and audio localization, everything from casting to audio post-production, community management, player support, content moderation, and everything else you need across your game's entire lifecycle.​

Employee benefits at Keywords Studios

🏠 Remote Work Flexibility

💼 Competitive Compensation

🌟 Professional Growth

⏰ Flexible Schedule

🚀 Impactful Projects

👥 Supportive Community

🎉 Virtual Team Events

🏥 Health and Wellness

💻 Cutting-edge Tools

🌐 Global Opportunities

Remote Jobs at Keywords Studios

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